on the radio + an almost 2 hour mixed free mp3

10 09 2008

In case some are confused, there’s Deep Fried the bi-monthly dance night at Saguijo and there’s Deep Fried the radio mix show on NU107 every Wednesday 11-12 midnight. As you will notice if you tune in tonight, i usually try to put in some tracks that are a bit closer to rock to not totally alienate NU’s audience,whether it’s indie band remixes,and though I’m 5 years tired of it, some electroclash or its current reincarnation, the nu-school of electro ie,new rave/fidget whateverthehellpeoplecallitnowadays. In small servings though and only what’s bearable. The bulk of course, is a lot of tech, deep, minimal house and techno.  So tonight, you’d be hearing stuff from Pony Hoax, Freeform Five, Chardonet Vs Afrilounge, Milton Jackson, Andomat 3000, Tim Weeks, Zoot Woman, Digitalism and many more. In the meantime, here’s a mix of mine for everyone that’s a close approximation to what got played at last April’s CONSORTIUM.  Enjoy.

Toti D’s April 2008 mix