About the man with the messianic complex

Music freak. Collecting nut. Arbiter of taste and observer of pop and underground culture. Proud father.

I may have done music reviews for several magazines in the past but NO, i don’t consider myself a writer, never have, never will nor do i have illusions of being one, so don’t expect Simon Reynolds or Nick Hornby.

For donations, funding from generous philanthropists or, ok, hate mail, you may email info@ternorecordings.com CC ternorecordings2@gmail.com

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5 09 2008

Hate mail

12 09 2008

add me here since I can’t add you on Facebook

26 09 2008

Toti, nice to see you online even after all these years. Guess who I saw again last week? The Wedding Present, promoting their new album. Earlimart opened for them.

26 09 2008

Hello Ardee, how’s life treating you? Thanks for the tip. I didn’t even know they have a new album out. Will link your last fm url if you don’t mind. later.=)

12 02 2009
john i

hi toti, did you get my email regarding UDD?

11 03 2009
John Cuyco

Nice to see/find you! Its also great to see all the pics from Groove Nation and Lava Lounge Days! Brings back a lot of memories! If you want some pics of Lava Lounge, let me know and Ill email you some professional shots I had taken back then for my portfolio… I also have the article/clip from Wallpaper Magazine.
Hope all is well!
John Cuyco

12 03 2009

hey John

kumusta? long time…are you in the country or abroad? That would be great, yes pls. regarding the Lava Lounge pics and the article from Wallpaper. I’ve been searching for that!. Good to hear from you. Keep in touch=)

27 07 2009

Hello sir, I have been reading your blog for a while now. I like your attitude and observations about the local electronic scene and how it is such a bitter pill to the mainstream public. Your observations are very true, specially regarding how people dismiss Electronic Music as generic trance or mainstream house. I am from Tacloban City and yes, we have clubs here. But sadly our clubs only play pop rnb, and mainstream dance music. Come to think of it, Electro is kinda big on the mainstream and yet the local clubs here never or ever heard of it. I admire your dedication to teach the mainstream public about the 101’s of Dance music. I hope, you and your dj friends could come over to Tacloban and educate the listening public.


30 07 2009

hi. Tacloban is no different from Manila in terms of clubs. it’s pretty much the same. They all claim to be different and push new music but it’s still the commercial stuff so you’re not behind there . We would love to go there and play, after all ,that’s my province(father’s side) You might want to lobby to your promoters over there and club owners to bring us;) I’ve posted some free mixes on soundcloud too you guys might want to check out. here’s my recent one http://soundcloud.com/ternoman/sample-mix-from-toti-d-from-groove-nations-deep-fried-ep5 and Cyril’s-http://soundcloud.com/ternoman/sample-mix-from-cyril-yarisantos-taken-from-2nd-episode-of-groove-nations-deep-fried-on-www-jam883-fm-jam-88-3-fm. we’re on Twitter most of the time. @ternoman and @cyril_y as well as @groovenationman. thanks for your comment.

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