goodbye to you

6 11 2010

my co-host Myrene(Sandwich/Imago) at the old NU107 station for Groove Nation Sessions 94-96

I can’t say i’ve been an NU107 listener for years as i don’t really tune in to local radio, except for maybe once in a while when i monitor if a Terno band’s song is being played or on rotation. However, i did have a show on NU107 when i got back from the States called Groove Nation Sessions around 94. It didn’t last long, maybe a year or two as i was just a block timer on the station. My co-host then was  resident NU107 jock Myrene Academia of Not Radio.  It was my first foray into radio and it was fun while it lasted!

I’d like to think that i was able to play stuff you won’t normally hear on radio and not on NU107’s playlist and i thank the station for being open and allowing me to share the music i pushed.

A decade after, NU107 again opened its arms for me to share what Terno has to offer, most notably, Up Dharma Down whom i initially asked Zach and then after, Trish, to guest on their respective shows to be followed by tracks played on Francis’ In The Raw and eventually, the first single “maybe” on the station’s regular playlist. If i haven’t thanked them enough then here’s a big THANK YOU to you as individual jocks on the station.

Overall, i may not have that connection to NU107 as a listener but I’m very appreciative of having being given the nod for the awards given the past years and glad to have worked with the only decent “rock” station there ever was and the people behind it. To all the other jocks and Myrene, Emy, Celes, Glenn, Belle, Gelo…… Atom, Quark and Cris…THANK YOU.



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