Up Dharma Down pre-orders for the LIMITED EDITION ver of CAPACITIES…EXTENDED!

2 10 2012


I have listened and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to EXTEND the #Capacities LTD ED.version package pre-ordering window to two last dates. This Wednesday the 3rd of October at Route 196 starting around 9pm. This should take care of the North side people…

…and again at Saguijo on October 20 at 9pm for the final and last chance.

As for Cebu and Davao I’m working on ways to have a pre-ordering on the 12th(Cebu) and 19th(Davao) since we will be there on those dates.

For the other provinces and international requests, i am studying the possibility of having you pay via Paypal or another way online to reserve your Ltd.Ed version cds or package if you intend to attend the actual launch on Nov. 28. Will announce when it’s to take effect.