dance with me

7 10 2008

…or just by yourself or with other people. Whatever. The point is to take it all in and celebrate life through music and dancing. This is an advance warning for the second installment of Deep Fried on November 29. I know ya’ll do the right thing. Be there early. Saguijo neighbors complain around 2-3am so make the most of it that by 10pm you should be on the floor warming up and preparing yourself to surrender to the gorgeous grooves and relentless beats.

Help build this new community of discerning electronic fans and dance aficionados together from the ground up just like how it was built back then. Be a part of the quality,underground dance set. See ya on November 29!

your soon to be monthly electronic fix

your soon to be monthly electronic fix

Deep Fried

5 09 2008

Tomorrow Saturday, we launch Deep Fried, the only dance night at Saguijo. Perfect size for a more intimate, underground feel. It’s an experiment, a bold one if i may say so. As everyone knows, Saguijo is a venue mostly for bands, all sorts of bands, the past 4 years or so. I really don’t know what to expect but I’m hoping it’ll be good enough as far as response and participation.

I still think that the average fan of rock music here in Manila has certain perceptions and misconceptions about modern electronic dance music and that age old mentality that it’s taboo to dance or listen to other non-rock music, all the more dance music. In a way, i don’t blame them because they’re only, mostly exposed to the crap kind of dance music they hear in variety shows, in between band set up during gigs etc. Either that or some really overplayed, commercial dance drivel or worse, Trance.

I guess, what i would want is for people to open their minds and go beyond the four on the floor or the “tugs tugs” (If you just listen to the 4/4 kick, it could be anything from Disco to Gabba so it’s a generalization being made by those who use “tugs” ) as most local rock people refer to it . In fact, they do to a degree without them realizing it. If it’s something that’s closer to rock like electroclash, locally referred to as, uhm, dance punk then it’s OK but ironically, when it’s real House music and Techno, be it Deep, Minimal,Tech, Chicago, Garage, they close their minds to it. Also, i have to point out that nowadays, just about every bar, radio station (with mix shows) and DJ whether fake,amateur,club,professional,superstar claim to play HOUSE music. Sure. Ok, I’ll give them that even though some used to proclaim “trance is the way” but now all espouse House this, House that but really, 90%  just play the anthems, hits and what’s on every Hed Kandi compilation.

Well, actually, most people can’t tell the difference and that’s precisely my point, If they would only listen and not just focus on the 4/4 beat they would. Slowly but in time it’ll be more apparent. As for tomorrow, I’d be happy already if 10-30 people are actually dancing or swaying to the beats and there are new converts.

Tomorrow the 6th of September, is the time to celebrate life through dancing and  QUALITY electronic dance music, served… DEEP FRIED.