3 09 2008

Whenever i see fans of Radioactive Sago Project, Up Dharma Down or Paramita etcetera, it’s somewhat amusing to see how they’re either all giddy or shy to approach the bands, ask for autographs and have their pictures taken with their favorite front person or member.

But when they get to it, it’s probably one of those special moments wherein you’ll see how genuine the admiration and respect they have for their heroes and idols. All smiles, sweaty palms, hearts palpitating and sometimes speechless. Some, even in tears. They’re lucky though, as locally, it’s easy to approach the bands in the many gigs all over the city, sans security and bouncers.

There’s also the exceptionally hardcore fans, those who follow their fave  band anywhere and everywhere and know their band inside out. They have everything that their favorite band has released, both official and bootlegs, press clippings, merchandise, at times even their phone numbers and home addresses. You name it, they have it and probably know more about the band than the band know themselves.

I see myself more with the latter, although i draw the line at stalking and knowing what brand of underwear they use individually. So, how much of a fanatic am i? Well, i wouldn’t necessarily have to see every gig and be completist about it, as in (have every release, every format, every bootleg they have out in the market) but I’d like to get a hold of what i can get, for as long as i like it. Some of my favorite bands, i have every release, some i don’t. I don’t know why, that’s just the way it is. Either i outgrew the band or something turned me off about them or just simply didn’t feel the need to get a particular album which made me not complete their total output. Strangely, there’s bands that I’m not a big fan of but i have just about everything they’ve put out!

If there’s one thing that indicates how much of a fanatic i am though, it’s my patience to wait outside after the gig and rumble with the other fans and autograph hunters when i used to live abroad. This could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how considerate the band members are, the gig itself, security, the venue and location of the backstage door or artist entrance/exit. It’s the thrill of the chase i suppose and when you finally get that coveted autograph, it’s all worth it and you go home tired but happy.

Here’s some examples of my hard work with fandom…

Will post some more next time.