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21 04 2015

So many things have happened since the last time i posted here and hopefully i’ll have the time to update this space regularly.Meanwhile here’s a visual, though incomplete timeline of past events,label nights and miscellaneous stuff the past year or so.IMG_8913 221 FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderIMG_8519IMG_8445 FullSizeRenderIMG_8277 FullSizeRender IMG_7565 FullSizeRender IMG_7503 IMG_7419 IMG_6152 IMG_6049 IMG_6006 IMG_6005 IMG_5921 IMG_5553 IMG_5526 IMG_5289 IMG_5287 IMG_1801 7107_Poster_11-14_HEART-RED

Up Dharma Down pre-orders for the LIMITED EDITION ver of CAPACITIES…EXTENDED!

2 10 2012


I have listened and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to EXTEND the #Capacities LTD ED.version package pre-ordering window to two last dates. This Wednesday the 3rd of October at Route 196 starting around 9pm. This should take care of the North side people…

…and again at Saguijo on October 20 at 9pm for the final and last chance.

As for Cebu and Davao I’m working on ways to have a pre-ordering on the 12th(Cebu) and 19th(Davao) since we will be there on those dates.

For the other provinces and international requests, i am studying the possibility of having you pay via Paypal or another way online to reserve your Ltd.Ed version cds or package if you intend to attend the actual launch on Nov. 28. Will announce when it’s to take effect.

TOE Live in Manila!

21 02 2012

We are trying to see if we can accomodate more. Do check the Terno Recordings fan page on FB, subscribe to the mailing list here, follow @TernoRecordings on Twitter or check the Toe In Manila page on FB for updates. Thank You.

Next Friday!

13 10 2011


a remarkable unique individual and bass player.

5 01 2011

He was the one who really made me want to be a bassist. Unfortunately, I never learned and even if i did, i certainly couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to  play like him but if God gave me the talent, I would want to be a bass player in a really good band. It’s because of him.  He was my favorite bass player of all time. He still is.   Rest In Peace  Mick Karn.

goodbye to you

6 11 2010

my co-host Myrene(Sandwich/Imago) at the old NU107 station for Groove Nation Sessions 94-96

I can’t say i’ve been an NU107 listener for years as i don’t really tune in to local radio, except for maybe once in a while when i monitor if a Terno band’s song is being played or on rotation. However, i did have a show on NU107 when i got back from the States called Groove Nation Sessions around 94. It didn’t last long, maybe a year or two as i was just a block timer on the station. My co-host then was  resident NU107 jock Myrene Academia of Not Radio.  It was my first foray into radio and it was fun while it lasted!

I’d like to think that i was able to play stuff you won’t normally hear on radio and not on NU107’s playlist and i thank the station for being open and allowing me to share the music i pushed.

A decade after, NU107 again opened its arms for me to share what Terno has to offer, most notably, Up Dharma Down whom i initially asked Zach and then after, Trish, to guest on their respective shows to be followed by tracks played on Francis’ In The Raw and eventually, the first single “maybe” on the station’s regular playlist. If i haven’t thanked them enough then here’s a big THANK YOU to you as individual jocks on the station.

Overall, i may not have that connection to NU107 as a listener but I’m very appreciative of having being given the nod for the awards given the past years and glad to have worked with the only decent “rock” station there ever was and the people behind it. To all the other jocks and Myrene, Emy, Celes, Glenn, Belle, Gelo…… Atom, Quark and Cris…THANK YOU.

the long weekend

18 11 2009

A few weekends ago Up Dharma Down and Radioactive Sago Project did a couple of festivals and while it was memorable and fun, it was exhausting, especially for Radioactive Sago Project and myself with not much sleep from Cebu to HK, directly to the gig for Clockenflap. Radioactive Sago Project, by the way, stunned the mostly expat crowd and hip Hong Kong-ers.  Come to think of it, i’d do it all over again. It felt like i walked the Death March in WII but we had a great time at the gigs and afterwards. Thanks Justin!