indie cred

12 09 2008

Ever since Terno Recordings’ inception I’ve been hearing murmurs within the very small, local “indie/indiepop” faction how Terno’s not that credible as a bonafide “indie” label (in terms of sound facet and not just the process) being that the artists on Terno aren’t really all “indie” and Terno’s not to be considered as an indie label in the same sense as a Sarah or Postcard. Well, i didn’t quite intend it to be that genre specific, as in an all jangly or twee indiepop label.

Originally that was the plan but with foreign contributions however as it went along, it became more localized and closer, say to a “Factory” with all sorts of artists on the roster. Before anyone cries blasphemy, I’m not comparing Terno to Factory in terms of greatness, it’s just the closest example of a label i could think of that most people probably know, which had a diverse mix of artists and music output. Process-wise Terno is definitely on its own but if it’s credibility we’re talking about, i think that’s what the label has a lot of. Money nope, integrity yes, in abundance.

As for myself, well, i may not be from Sweden nor am i British but let’s just say I’ve been into it longer than these Pinoy indie kiddies, meaning i didn’t just learn or got all my stuff from the yearly Universal CD sale, if you get my drift. I’m amazed at the cockiness of some of these people with faux Brit singing accents when they weren’t even alive when i was already buying the records they now just download off music blogs and yeah, their yearly purchases at the various CD sale blow-outs.

I know i sound bitchy but some of these characters have got to get down from their high horses and remove their cardigan sweaters. They should take a cue at being humble from someone like Dale of Apple Orchard who is in that world but doesn’t act the way they do. Too much attitude like they invented “indie”.

In appreciation of the post-punk, new wave and indie 45 single sleeve art and for these Indier than Thou peeps, here’s some samples from the past. What’s that? You weren’t around yet?

Yeah, exactly my point.

There’s more where these came from but it would be obscene already… so do i get a badge for my messenger bag now?

to blog or not to blog

29 08 2008

I know it’s a bit late in the game and i should have done this a long time ago but for a time i wasn’t quite sure i wanted everyone to know what’s going on inside my head and really, i don’t think anyone would be interested. For all we know, it’ll just be the same circle of friends who will get to read what i have to say or share but i guess it could be therapeutic to purge one’s self of thoughts and observations kept within.

I must say, i am inspired by the many music blogs out there, both good and bad and if one person can say so much about his or her favorite records or type of music, i think i can probably do the same thing, 25,000 plus x more, just as long as i don’t get lazy. It’s not going to be all about records though, it could be some other great find, a book, a band, good food, footwear or really well designed furniture. Not to scare you but it could also be about my kids.Yes, i do have the “proud father syndrome” and i can’t help it. My six-year old son Pepi is quite a charmer and has got great taste in music for his age. Yes,of course we (my wife Rica and i) let him be with what he sees and hears on Disney and Nickelodeon, you know, High School Musical, Jonas Brothers or cheesy 90’s euro dance music used for Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler movies but but it’s not everyday you come across a kid who knows most of XTC‘s songs and hums New Order‘s “Temptation” while playing computer games online or singing the chorus to Tahiti 80‘s “1000 Times” while brushing his teeth. Meanwhile, Paddy, our one and a half year old, isn’t far behind, curiously wanting to touch the knobs and faders of the mixer and nodding his head to Swayzak! Not bad eh?

But before you say daddy overload, I’ll stop.

There is however, another father of sorts role i have and that is the headmaster of the Terno Recordings family of artists and bands which is a feat in itself. Having to deal with different characters, attitudes, egos and insecurities can be a handful and most of the time stressful. That’s just being a figurehead mind you.  Managing most of the bands is another ulcer-inducing activity i experience day to day. Never in my strangest dream did i see myself  being a band manager but probably as punishment for some sins in the past i am considered one and a professional one at that . I may have leadership qualities and maybe for some, the idea of managing rock stars is glamorous but it really is nothing more than just working for a bunch of people who most of the time don’t appreciate what you do for them and you are mostly to blame when things are not exactly rosy. With success they’re with you 100% but with failure you’re alone.

I know this blog is not titled the “depressing world of The Collector” and i don’t mean to sound like all are such ingrates but maybe I’m just saying it’s a difficult job (low paying too unless you’re handling superstars) and it’s a good thing this managerial position i have is related to music or i probably would’ve given up a long time ago. Hopefully, some of them do get wind of this blog to see that it’s not sex, drugs and rock & roll for this manager but more like haggling with people who don’t want to pay what’s due the band or bands.

Now, running a small, financially strapped record label is another thing. Yeah, Terno maybe critically acclaimed and so do most of the bands on it but it’s also under critical condition as quality doesn’t necessarily equate to cash flow in this town. It’s hard but when the going gets tough, the tough get going and we trudge on.

If there was a category in some local award giving body like Best Independent label or Label with Balls, it would be a crime if it doesn’t go to Terno. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely to happen, i mean that category or that acknowledgment. Maybe 20 years from now. Maybe never or just maybe, lady luck would smile and make it the cash cow that it should be. I hope so.

In the meantime, we welcome financial donations from like minded music fanatics who double as generous philanthropists. Seriously. No, I’m not kidding. We’ll take cash or checks. We’re easy to please. Yeah.