lazy dog

10 02 2009

Got a bit lazy as well as preoccupied with a few matters the past week or so and haven’t really posted anything. I’m just going to shoot off a bunch of stuff that happened during downtime….

1.Had a blast with Pepi and my father at the PBA games last Sunday. Came in not really rooting for anyone but for some reason we all went with Talk & Text. Pepi ‘s first time to watch a professional basketball game at the Big Dome and first time to try Coca -Cola. Have not been to a PBA game in years. Last time was around 2002 when i brought Zion I to experience local ball. Just realized how much of an ideal activity it is and really had a good time. Thanks to Kathy G. for the complimentary tickets!

2.Deep Fried 5 at Route 196 was both a sleeper and fun. Lesser people than the last one in Saguijo but dancing the whole night(10pm-3am) and i had a great time mixing.  I’m not gonna complain. Some people came from a commercial club in Makati and we’re told there were about 20 people there so Deep Fried attendance was ok in comparison. Next one is in March,(Friday the 13th) at Sagujio.

3.Swissy bagging BEST ARTIST at the online polls for Junk Magazine Malaysia. CONGRATULATIONS!

4.Up Dharma Down had a successful video launch for “Taya” without much effort. Good video and thanks to Nic Reyes and Isaw Sa Kanto team.

5. Most of the Terno nights over at Saguijo,Route 196 etc have been quite good and well attended like a smaller scale version of the early Terno Au Go Go  series.

6. Paddy turned  2


Pepi Basketball Association

the important game

captain haddock  and tintin


Musical O- YOU magazine shoot

Musical O- YOU magazine shoot

Sleepwalk Circus-YOU magazine shoot

Sleepwalk Circus-YOU magazine shoot

Paddy stylin' at 2

Paddy stylin' at 2

kid rock

15 09 2008

I warned you didn’t i?

I love my kids and they surely love music despite their age.  Pepi is 6yrs. old and Paddy’s only a 1yr. and a half. I’ve often been teased by Lourd of Radioactive Sago Project that my kids would probably like the opposite of what I’m into in terms of music. For example, if i listen to, say, Black Flag then they would probably be listening to Black Eyed Peas. Pretty funny and scary all at the same time but Pepi and even Paddy have proven, that’s not the case. Quite evident it’s in the blood but if that notion is hogwash to most, then at the very least, it’s the environment that dictates the outcome. It’s really what you expose your kids to.

Before you contact Bantay Bata, no i don’t tie them to a chair and force them to listen to Craig Armstrong or Ryuichi Sakamoto till they’re brainwashed. In fact, anything age appropriate in the Disney/Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network/Sesame Street are encouraged but when they’re constantly within hearing distance of what’s on rotation on the Ipod or turntable, they really get curious and are drawn to the music. They develop a taste for it and i suppose, further strengthened by the “its in the blood” theory.

Well, so far so good.

the future Steve & Doug Butabi

the future Steve & Doug Butabi or Hall & Oates