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17 12 2008

The 3rd Deep Fried post mortem.


I must say this one by far, was such an improvement from the first two. By 11pm people were actually dancing inside Route 196. All sorts of people got down. It was dark. Sound system augmentation wasn’t as loud as i wanted it to be but we had to make do with the last minute small system replacement but it still rocked. Can’t get any more underground than this.

Could it be a geography issue? Are QC people more open and game to having a good time without hangups? Or is it slowly picking up? We shall see at the next Deep Fried night in Saguijo on Jan 17. All i know is that Route 196 management also made a lot of effort inviting people and that really helped in getting a good cross section of people on the dance floor so i thank them for that.

Much appreciation too for the regulars (you know who you are) with special mention of Swissy who effortlessly managed to get other people including strangers to loosen up and get them on the floor. Good set by Cyril, not so good set by yours truly as it was so dark i couldn’t find the records i wanted to play and spent more time worrying where the flashlight was, the flow got erratic.! A little oversight that can easily be corrected next time.


picture: Jim P and Arthur DM on the decks and efx.

Overall, though t’was good and  people seem to have had fun and were all smiles that night. Good vibes indeed and hopefully the new faces i saw last Saturday will be at the next one January. Thanks as well to Arthur DM and Jim P for opening. Encouraging night. January 17 here we go.

photos courtesy of Cyril Y.



8 responses

18 12 2008

It was GOOD vibes indeed. More pushing and more encouragement.

Yay for for the first Deep Fried in 2009! Fingers crossed!

Thanks Mister T! 😉

20 12 2008

Thanks ED. bring your friends on Jan 17. Let them experience true house and techno.Cya.

21 12 2008

Hi Toti, congrats on the third installment of Deep Fried, it was my first DF event, thanks to Ed for tagging me. Im sure word will get around and looking forward to the next gig. Im all excited to bring my friends by then.

22 12 2008

Hello, thanks for checking it out and being game to authentic undergound house & techno. It’s just starting- the rebuilding of a good foundation much like it did locally in the mid90s. You can help in building it up by inviting more people. At most, if and when it blows up you can definitely say you were there from the start and you helped the revolution. thanks and see you on Jan 17 at Saguijo this time.

22 12 2008

didnt get to make it out to the QC, but clearly they got nothing on central. cu on the 17th.

26 12 2008
Jaime Tayag

Yeah, there’s something about QC….Merry Christmas, and see you on the 27th.

4 01 2009

thanks for not mentioning the ridiculously sped up set we played haha
we’re hoping we get another chance to play accordingly
and to incorporate more of my original tracks in the mixes (i reluctantly only played one last time)

5 01 2009

No problem. I myself learned that back in the day and just passing it on. You guys will be playing again on Feb 7 at Route. What we’re doing is alternating guests so for January 17 Saguijo its Caliph 8 and Pee Gee aka Pasta Groove. More organic sounding early on then becomes electronic.

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