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1 12 2008


Deep Fried 2nd installment post mortem.

Ok. It wasn’t an improvement from the first, looking back in September, the first was way better than last night. Most people on the guest list did show up but unfortunately it doesn’t work when it’s in spurts. Some came early as suggested and some came at certain points but not in full force which leads me to assess that currently in order for this to work, spread and influence, the inner circle of friends and supporters should really make an effort to show up en masse and park on the dancefloor.

Now why is it that some of the original GN crew don’t really show up anymore? I would attribute it to age, different priorities, change of lifestyle etc much like the followers from as far back as 1995. It’s been more than 10 years ago and obviously people have changed and some have moved on.

Unlike the old days when it was new and really exciting, when you say 10pm, by the time you get there at 10pm, the place would already be half full of guys and gals with backpacks, surgical masks and dancing like hell. Of course those were the “rave” days and that’s toned down but it doesnt mean it can’t happen again in a more intimate setting which is really how it is now abroad…come to think of it… for quite some time now.

Now ,some have suggested that maybe  Saguijo isn’t really as inviting to “party” people who are into “dance music”. I think they’re MISSING the POINT of the experiment. If i wanted the party people or the “Tugs” as the rock people lovingly call them, i would’ve insisted on doing it in, say, Warehouse 135 or another club venue but as it is, most party people here in this city are either clueless of the music they’re dancing to or couldn’t care less because it’s the “party”  that they are there for and the people that that end up dancing or even tuning in to what’s being played are merely secondary, unless, they hear the anthems of course. Now that’s not to say they shouldn’t go but for the most part Deep Fried is about opening the ears and minds of people who have certain misconceptions about dance music and dancing in the local setting.

It’s also for the local minority of clued up people though i find it amusing that despite the usual complaints and rants that there are no places in the city to really go to in terms of underground dance music, something that’s already handed down to them in a silver platter, they don’t take advantage of.

Someone mentioned that another reason could be because of the Trance party last night but that has nothing to do with Deep Fried for the very fact that 1. we DO NOT play trance(never have,never will). 2. The  average ,clueless trendy kids and the party crowd that i’m referring to obviously would definitely go there while we on the other hand, are targetting the more hip and discerning ones, the adventuous kids and the main target of the experiment , the local rock crowd scenesters and movers who might just PICK UP on the CONNECTION of rock and electronic music the way most have accepted it outside.

So to insinuate that the Trance Alliance event was competition is completely off and a stab a creating intrigues. Sorry but i won’t bite into that. I’m very vocal about disliking trance but nothing personal. In fact, if you ask me, i’m glad as it should be helpful in weeding out party people who do not appreciate quality dance music and just want commercial dance anthems because that’s NOT the crowd we want .

One factor was obviously the long weekend, hence friends and people you count on in helping the cause have gone out of the city etc  along with the other reasons mentioned at the beginning of this post. Another could be that being bi-monthly, momentum’s lost but that’s about to change because of an alternating venue so it’s a monthly night from now on.

I do personally feel though that for the next ones, the core group should really support and be there. While i cannot force people to do so, some extra solid support would be much appreciated as it is such a daunting task to IMPROVE the state of things in this country, be it the arts, living standards, politics, you name it. I’m doing what i can to make it a little better and not just addressing the problems but doing something about it. Why do you think i’m called the man with the messianic complex?

There are several people who i have to THANK for their continuous, unconditional support like Jaime T. Swissy, Arthur, Ed C. and Jac V., UDD, Johnny B and wife, the staff of Saguijo and Angelo C., Mario Benipayo of Forerunner Technologies Inc. THanks as well to the people who were there last night and shook their butts like Marco, Bubu, JC, AJ,PG,Kevin and partner, Paul P and JIm P. Also to Ryan, Garovs,Marie and Sunshine who should really get over their shyness and dance by the way.

It’s just no.2 so far. It’s definitely not gonna happen overnight for sure. Some people probably feel we old fogeys should let go and pack up but i’m not one to give up that easily. See you on the 13th of December for the FIRST Deep Fried at Route 196.



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1 12 2008

nw toti even when i got kids i still wont sleep on awesome music. ill ditch those little f*ckers in a second to get my groove on.

loved the nation’s set. keep on pushin. if you build it they will come…. eventually. haha

1 12 2008

haha thanks. That’s encouraging. I knew i forgot some people including you so thanks for checkin it out!

2 12 2008

Hello, Sir. Napadpad lang po. 😀

I am guilty for missing the first two Deep Fried events. I usually sent text invites to people about Deep Fried. I also post the posters you’re sending on my blog because I know it is a must for human beings who loves great music to be there, pero ako naman yung biglang hindi nakakapunta. Huhu.

I won’t promise since the 13th is my mom’s birthday, pero susubukan kong tumakas, hehehe.

See you soon, Sir.

2 12 2008

Hi Bel no prob and thanks for helping out . Much appreciated. It starts at 10 pm anyway till 3 so you don’t have to sneak out. thanks!

3 12 2008

hi toti! wanted to go to the first, but i couldn’t dance with my broken arm. wanted to go to the 2nd (confirmed on facebook haha) but our two gigs that night tired me out. I PROMISE to be there at route AND DANCE. and i will bring friends who enjoyed your music at our launch and want to dance, too. can’t wait 🙂

3 12 2008

Hi Selena

no prob. It’s really all about exploring music one might not be accustomed to hearing or liking but i’m sure you know that we always set the bar high and so when we say house and techno we make sure its the real thing. There’s Dec 13@ Route so hopefully you can some friends can make it. thanks for the support.=)

11 12 2008
Jaime Tayag

I challenged people on facebook to go to Route this Saturday. I uploaded the poster and put a caption beside it:

“If these guys aren’t in your scope of knowledge of electronic music in the local scene then you, my friend, have tastes that I will describe as mainstream, garden variety, common. You’re probably the type who still believes that Pesto & Carbonara are novelty flavors.

Come listen to something uncommon for a change.”

I also sent the poster to some people who live in the area, mentioned it to some people who’ve gone to Route for other reasons, and am pressuring some GN supporters from the 90’s to attend.

I admit I’m cynical; when people don’t get it when it comes to mainstream vs. underground, I tend to think that they never ever will get it. Therefore I very infrequently find myself doing the “hard sell”.

Besides challenging, I’ve got half a mind to coerce, trick, and extort attendance from people…

11 12 2008

thanks Jaime. It’s a dirty job but we gotta do it somehow. We’ll see how it is Saturday. See you then marathon man.

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