get your kicks on route 196

21 11 2008

For the longest time Terno has been mostly associated with Saguijo, 70% of the Au Go Go series were in  Saguijo. In fact, Up Dharma Down built their audience from those Terno Au Go Go’s in Saguijo. They don’t seem to recall that now but their early best gigs were from those nights wherein the audience literally surrounded them(we’re talking a foot between audience and performer) as well as the other Terno artists. There were no tables during Au Go Go, a practice Saguijo started doing with their anniversaries but early on Terno Au Go Go had the place wall to wall with people.

For the past year or so though, i’ve put up nights in other establishments and one of those is Route 196. It ‘s been steady so far. There are good nights and there are bad ones but overall it’s been a nice second home for that part of town. The really good thing about Route 196 though is that one of the owners, JP, really promotes on his own and doesn’t just rely on the bands to do so or depend on the strength of the line up for the night. That i can appreciate as it is unfair to rely solely on the bands to do the promoting. Aside from that their Pizza’s incredible.

Starting December, 13 to be exact, DEEP FRIED will also be held at Route 196 alternating with Saguijo which makes the electronic dance night ‘Monthly” as opposed to being “Bi-monthly” and that’s a good thing. Special thanks to JP for being open to the idea much like Angelo of Saguijo was. Kudos to these bar owners.

Speaking of Route 196, tonight is Terno Night…

terno-night at route 196 November 21 FRidayand tonight we have Menaya as guest band along with the Terno staples. Thanks again to FRan of Sleepwalk who’s taking over eflyer chores temporarily. See ya.




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