kid rock

15 09 2008

I warned you didn’t i?

I love my kids and they surely love music despite their age.  Pepi is 6yrs. old and Paddy’s only a 1yr. and a half. I’ve often been teased by Lourd of Radioactive Sago Project that my kids would probably like the opposite of what I’m into in terms of music. For example, if i listen to, say, Black Flag then they would probably be listening to Black Eyed Peas. Pretty funny and scary all at the same time but Pepi and even Paddy have proven, that’s not the case. Quite evident it’s in the blood but if that notion is hogwash to most, then at the very least, it’s the environment that dictates the outcome. It’s really what you expose your kids to.

Before you contact Bantay Bata, no i don’t tie them to a chair and force them to listen to Craig Armstrong or Ryuichi Sakamoto till they’re brainwashed. In fact, anything age appropriate in the Disney/Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network/Sesame Street are encouraged but when they’re constantly within hearing distance of what’s on rotation on the Ipod or turntable, they really get curious and are drawn to the music. They develop a taste for it and i suppose, further strengthened by the “its in the blood” theory.

Well, so far so good.

the future Steve & Doug Butabi

the future Steve & Doug Butabi or Hall & Oates

in case you missed it

13 09 2008

Shameless plugging but these are some of the releases Terno put out the past few months. Available at Astrovision, Odyssey, SM and Fully Booked.

PARAMITA's second album

Swissy's debut album

and in the stores in a week or so before the end of September…

Ang Bandang Shirley's debut album

Ang Bandang Shirley

indie cred

12 09 2008

Ever since Terno Recordings’ inception I’ve been hearing murmurs within the very small, local “indie/indiepop” faction how Terno’s not that credible as a bonafide “indie” label (in terms of sound facet and not just the process) being that the artists on Terno aren’t really all “indie” and Terno’s not to be considered as an indie label in the same sense as a Sarah or Postcard. Well, i didn’t quite intend it to be that genre specific, as in an all jangly or twee indiepop label.

Originally that was the plan but with foreign contributions however as it went along, it became more localized and closer, say to a “Factory” with all sorts of artists on the roster. Before anyone cries blasphemy, I’m not comparing Terno to Factory in terms of greatness, it’s just the closest example of a label i could think of that most people probably know, which had a diverse mix of artists and music output. Process-wise Terno is definitely on its own but if it’s credibility we’re talking about, i think that’s what the label has a lot of. Money nope, integrity yes, in abundance.

As for myself, well, i may not be from Sweden nor am i British but let’s just say I’ve been into it longer than these Pinoy indie kiddies, meaning i didn’t just learn or got all my stuff from the yearly Universal CD sale, if you get my drift. I’m amazed at the cockiness of some of these people with faux Brit singing accents when they weren’t even alive when i was already buying the records they now just download off music blogs and yeah, their yearly purchases at the various CD sale blow-outs.

I know i sound bitchy but some of these characters have got to get down from their high horses and remove their cardigan sweaters. They should take a cue at being humble from someone like Dale of Apple Orchard who is in that world but doesn’t act the way they do. Too much attitude like they invented “indie”.

In appreciation of the post-punk, new wave and indie 45 single sleeve art and for these Indier than Thou peeps, here’s some samples from the past. What’s that? You weren’t around yet?

Yeah, exactly my point.

There’s more where these came from but it would be obscene already… so do i get a badge for my messenger bag now?

shoe fetish?

11 09 2008

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with footwear- loafers, brogues, suede desert boots, bowling shoes, Wallabies you name it, as long as the design’s sharp and has character but not over the top, I’d probably like it. I’m not much into designer shoes. At most, probably Paul Smith, Patrick Cox or Yohji Yamamoto but not really the Bally, Prada, Fendi kind. At times, there are some that attract me like the Gucci colored loafers that came out in the mid 90’s but even then i never felt the urge to buy something that expensive. For me it could be from Payless but if you know how to carry it with the right ensemble, then it can work for you.

Of all the types of shoes there are though, it’s athletic shoes that I’m most enamored with. Branded yes, trainers, sneakers or as it is referred to here in our country, “rubber” shoes. I’ve worn many brands since grade school. Some of which are now classics and/or rare but may have been reissued like Puma(Wimbledon,Clyde,States,Roma), Wilson(Bata), Pro-Keds, Pony(Top Star), Diadora(Borg Elite), Nike(Road Runner,Waffle,Internationalist).

For all that, the brand that really had an impact on me was Adidas. Top Ten, Rebound, Jabbar, Americana, Pro-Model I’ve worn throughout my basketball days in the Midgets Division till i moved up to the Aspirants Division. For casual wear, i vividly recall having the SL-80, Country, Rom, Samba, Jeans, the ubiquitous Superstar and the locally produced Match and Hurricane. Back then, i wasn’t conscious of the collecting aspect and never thought that something then might be of value some day, so they’re all history now.

My love for Adidas never waned though and i got back into it again in the late 80’s early 90’s and even traded some records to get cash for overstock Campus’ from the 70’s at X-Large, the Beastie Boys clothing store on Vermont in L.A. and got pairs in maroon,blue,burgundy,gray and my favorite at that time, black with silver stripes. Apart from that, i also scored some rare green and red Stan Smiths and pretty much all the colors the Gazelle came out in around the early 90s. Some of you who i know or met during the Groove Nation store days probably remember some of the kicks i wore then.

Now that’s nothing compared to the truly hardcore sneaker freaks who basically have every Adidas that ever came out or the really classic ones but recently, being an endorser for Adidas, i am lucky to be given a number of current models and reissues plus some that were given by relatives and friends as gifts. None are exactly rare or sought after yet for obvious reasons but maybe a couple or two will be, one day. Oh and i go for more of the Heritage line/Originals with the Trefoil logo and not the sports Equipment  line.

Check,check,check these out.


The last pair. The Campus with velcro straps is my most used pair and what i have on most of the time. I love it. Love em all. I can only go to Ebay and drool at those that I’m really after but for now anyone who wants to donate a size 12(US) pair that were given to them by mistake is most welcome.

Imeldific? Nah, it’s not even close to 100 pairs although i am actually a distant relative.

So tell me, do i have a shoe fetish or am i merely being a huge fan of an exemplary brand institution?

on the radio + an almost 2 hour mixed free mp3

10 09 2008

In case some are confused, there’s Deep Fried the bi-monthly dance night at Saguijo and there’s Deep Fried the radio mix show on NU107 every Wednesday 11-12 midnight. As you will notice if you tune in tonight, i usually try to put in some tracks that are a bit closer to rock to not totally alienate NU’s audience,whether it’s indie band remixes,and though I’m 5 years tired of it, some electroclash or its current reincarnation, the nu-school of electro ie,new rave/fidget whateverthehellpeoplecallitnowadays. In small servings though and only what’s bearable. The bulk of course, is a lot of tech, deep, minimal house and techno.  So tonight, you’d be hearing stuff from Pony Hoax, Freeform Five, Chardonet Vs Afrilounge, Milton Jackson, Andomat 3000, Tim Weeks, Zoot Woman, Digitalism and many more. In the meantime, here’s a mix of mine for everyone that’s a close approximation to what got played at last April’s CONSORTIUM.  Enjoy.

Toti D’s April 2008 mix

spring cleaning in september

9 09 2008

Yesterday i got a text from an old customer of mine at the record store back in the 90’s. Yes, Groove Nation originally was a record store up the penthouse of Vernida1 bldg. Anyway,his text was to ask if I’m selling my framed autographed records and he’d pay good money for them. This made me think, being how bad it is these days, i sure could use some money what with some new releases coming up on Terno. I have to admit i was tempted but then again i felt it would spiritually and emotionally strip me of something that i truly cherish, definitely irreplaceable and something that i worked hard for and was a big part of my youth and still is, part of my whole existence. I would probably regret it for the rest of my life. I politely declined. I don’t think I’d ever part with them or my record collection. I don’t care if mp3s are taking over on how we listen to music. It’s good to know i still have the actual records and cds that i will pass on to my kids which they will pass on to their kids. They should be worth a hefty sum someday but will it be ever sold? Nah. Maybe to a museum or something. Yeah, that could be the closest to it being sold.

As consolation to you my old customer, here i share some of them…

Adorable signed by lead vox Piotr

Japan- Assemblage signed by David Sylvian

Inspiral Carpets signed by the whole band

Bristol. England's The Blue Aeroplanes 12" signed by the whole band

Trash Can Sinatras 12" signed by the whole band

The Blue Nile's A Walk Across The Rooftops signed by Paul,Robert and PJ.

The Lotus Eaters-No Sense Of Sin picture disc signed by Jem Kelly

and while doing some cleaning, i discovered in an old record case some stuff from some of my DJ heroes…

Doc Martin

Laurent Garnier

Evil Eddie Richards

Silicone Soul


Cut La Roc

Fantastic Plastic Machine

and then some…

China Crisis


Steve White(The Style Council/Paul Weller's drummer)

will post more finds unearthed.

and the results of the experiment…

8 09 2008

Ok. As for last Saturday… it was both good and bad.

Good because it was actually a fun night and i had a great time spinning. The vibe was good from the people who went and from friends who gave their support. It didn’t have the numbers but sometimes it does not have to be packed to the gills for it to have a great vibe.

Bad because it clearly shows how narrow or close minded most “rock” people are about dancing and for the most part listening to electronic dance music.  Just as expected, the local rock majority still has problems with it. How did i come up with this conclusion? Simple. The venue is a known place for bands and the radio plugs, even though bombarded by NU107 just reached local rock’s ears and despite Deep Fried the radio show airing every Wednesday, it really just started so still, the general rock audience definitely stayed clear last Saturday. Maybe it’s too simplistic an analysis but i think it’s accurate. Now, we’re not forcing it down your throats, it’s just an observation that’s quite an eye-opener, at least for me. It’s the opposite of what i experienced abroad where people from all sorts of background and music tastes actually do get down together in underground clubs and raves. Here, there’s obviously a division. The rock people go to rock events and gigs, the hip hop people go to hip hop parties and the “Tugs” go to the commercial clubs, raves and to gigs like Deep Fried last Saturday.  Yes, i know there are tribes but they do crossover abroad. Not here for the most part.  A bit sad but well, with the radio show, some will probably warm up to it and appreciate something new to their ears and eventually go to the next one. I’m counting on the rock community to be the ones to embrace it and make a real underground scene different from the average “party person” or the “Tugs” as they call them. Yeah, I’m still optimistic.

But No, we’re not going to change the venue as that’s precisely the point why Angelo (Saguijo) and us (Groove Nation) chose to do this. To get people who don’t normally go to clubs in the metro to enjoy electronic dance music and dance in a non official club environment wherein you don’t have to be dressed to the nines or rub elbows with social climbers. It’s purely for the music, the vibe and dancing in an intimate, small setting.

What makes it underground? Well, first and foremost, the music. It’s what sets it apart from the clubs who claim they play underground dance music. I don’t think i have to justify that. Those who go to Consortium or any of the parties before or just last Saturday can attest to it. No anthems, no trance, no proghouse, no cutesy stuff (Sorry but we’re purists). Just quality underground house and techno,the way we dish it out. Secondly, the atmosphere and feel of the place. Lastly,the type of people who did check it out last Saturday.

If there’s another thing good about this Deep Fried experiment is that last Saturday, we more or less got a sample of people who are really into it and they will be essential in influencing their friends that for November, the number doubles and so forth and so on. Congratulations and hats off to these people who can say they were there from the  very start.  Much appreciation also given to those who normally don’t dance but let their hair down last Saturday and participated in this electronic revolution. Same goes to the loyal GN followers, friends and some Terno bands like Up Dharma Down, Swissy, who gave support and participated in  the experiment.

We’re already bringing it to you people. Giving you an option from what’s the usual in this city. It’s up to you now to open your minds,ears and embrace it.

Next one’s November 29. You have more than a month to overcome your inhibitions and really, just have FUN and DANCE but with really GOOD dance music.

SPECIAL THANKS to Mario Benipayo of Forerunner Technologies for the RCF ART-325A and the new Cerwin Vega CVA-21 subs last Saturday. Thanks also to Audio Technica for our amazing ATH-M50 headphones.

Pics courtesy of Chico Limjap.