balancing act

23 09 2008

I mentioned a few entries before how i try to balance the material i mix with every episode of Deep Fried (the radio show). Meaning as much as possible i try to put in tracks that are more rock oriented, whether remixes or “new school” electro alongside the more pure house and/or techno as to not totally alienate the average rock listener on NU107.

After all i’m counting on the rock people to get into it (and dance at Deep Fried,the dance night) and for them to realize that the mickey mouse dance music they hear on the variety shows or in the many bars cum clubs all over the metro doesn’t represent the real thang.

I realize that it may not be enough in words though so just to give you a more concrete audio sample, here’s a free mp3 download of Deep Fried Episode 6. It’ll be hard to sustain every episode as i’m not exactly a big fan of most of the new rave/fidget stuff that’s all over the net but i’m being open minded about it and every now and then there’s some exceptional tracks or passable at least, so there should be a couple or two per episode. As for the unadulterated good House tracks, be it deep or tech etc., they’ll definitely make the bulk of the hour for people to get familiar and condition themselves to the more underground tracks.

Yes, and by that i don’t mean Chicane or Tiesto. Please, let’s keep it cheese free. If not, you might as well give me a gun so i can shoot myself. Enjoy.



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