spring cleaning in september

9 09 2008

Yesterday i got a text from an old customer of mine at the record store back in the 90’s. Yes, Groove Nation originally was a record store up the penthouse of Vernida1 bldg. Anyway,his text was to ask if I’m selling my framed autographed records and he’d pay good money for them. This made me think, being how bad it is these days, i sure could use some money what with some new releases coming up on Terno. I have to admit i was tempted but then again i felt it would spiritually and emotionally strip me of something that i truly cherish, definitely irreplaceable and something that i worked hard for and was a big part of my youth and still is, part of my whole existence. I would probably regret it for the rest of my life. I politely declined. I don’t think I’d ever part with them or my record collection. I don’t care if mp3s are taking over on how we listen to music. It’s good to know i still have the actual records and cds that i will pass on to my kids which they will pass on to their kids. They should be worth a hefty sum someday but will it be ever sold? Nah. Maybe to a museum or something. Yeah, that could be the closest to it being sold.

As consolation to you my old customer, here i share some of them…

Adorable signed by lead vox Piotr

Japan- Assemblage signed by David Sylvian

Inspiral Carpets signed by the whole band

Bristol. England's The Blue Aeroplanes 12" signed by the whole band

Trash Can Sinatras 12" signed by the whole band

The Blue Nile's A Walk Across The Rooftops signed by Paul,Robert and PJ.

The Lotus Eaters-No Sense Of Sin picture disc signed by Jem Kelly

and while doing some cleaning, i discovered in an old record case some stuff from some of my DJ heroes…

Doc Martin

Laurent Garnier

Evil Eddie Richards

Silicone Soul


Cut La Roc

Fantastic Plastic Machine

and then some…

China Crisis


Steve White(The Style Council/Paul Weller's drummer)

will post more finds unearthed.



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