31 08 2008

I feel like kicking myself, well, maybe you can do it for me. I should have taken notes early on. Just imagine the number of gigs the past 4 years and what stories, anecdotes that could have been posted. From the worst to the memorable and important ones from just about any band on Terno. Local, provincial, overseas, school, corporate, private functions, anniversaries and the 1001 “prod” gigs out there. Would’ve been a good read.

I’ll try to look back and remember some highlights and post them every now and then. Meanwhile, here’s some snapshots from recent gigs starring various people and not just Terno artists. Don’t expect a blow by blow account. Let the pictures do the talking.

On a side note, i thought The Purplechickens’ set last Friday kicked ass and the new songs were quite good. Criminally underrated band. Potential future act.

In somewhat related news, Ang Bandang Shirley’s “Theme Songs”  should be officially out in the stores a couple of weeks from now. The first pressing is to be delivered today at the office. It’s a very good album. I think the local indierock cognoscenti will lap it up.

By the way, prior to the Shirley gig last Friday, a few of us ate at this restaurant along Katipunan. We had eaten there before and it was quite good so we did a McArthur. This time it was still not bad but the service SUCKED like Dracula on a virgin’s neck. We ordered the “batchoy” as it says on their menu it was 65 pesos for a solo order. We had asked if the serving was big enough and the waiter said “yes sir, good for two”. For 65 pesos that’s not a bad deal and 3 people including yours truly ordered Le Batchoy.

Once served, we saw that it was in a HUGE bowl and again were amazed at how reasonable it was for its size. Lo and behold, the waiter says its P150 pesos and not P65 pesos since we ordered the “regular” and not the “solo”! Now, that would’ve been fine if their menu stated that there was a “regular” at P150, unless, i and the other two people who ordered were crosseyed and just didn’t see it, which i doubt. So, it’s a bit deceiving really. Still, let’s just say we were just stupid to realize it just from looking at the menu, the waiter should have at least explained or corrected that there were two sizes and we were ordering 3 bowls that’s good for 6-8 people. As if that wasn’t enough, the waiter argued with us vehemently that we ordered the “regular” just as he described it when in actuality there was no warning nor explanation before and all the more, after he got the three separate orders, two from people who are skinny and can’t possibly be ordering something that’s double their usual intake!

The waiter said we can’t send it back to the kitchen anymore because clearly THAT is what we ordered. Whatever happened to “the customer is always right”? Good for them, cooler heads still prevailed and we just ate the unexpected P150 Batchoy x 3 that weren’t actually the best in my book. It doesn’t end there. Another person from our group who got in a little late ordered Chicken Inasal. To cut a long story short, we had all finished eating and his order still hadn’t arrived. We called another waiter to follow up the order and he comes back saying “Ay hindi po pala nakuha yung order nyo eh. Paluto pa ho ba or cancel na lang?” Can you believe the waiters and BAD service in this restaurant? The waiters aren’t even briefed well to at least apologize and say sorry for their shortcomings. This place may have been awarded one of the “Best Restaurants” by Tatler. We say, they got it wrong.

despite the comedy of horrors, at the end of the night, we were all smiles.



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31 08 2008

You should’ve taken a photo of the signage. I still cannot forget the face of that waiter arguing with you. I forgot to inform you on the rules of dining out, when things go wrong, do everything to get in touch with the manager. I’m sure it’s bound to happen again, considering a lot of sloppy establishments surround us, so we’ll make sure it happens next time someone gives us really lousy service.

31 08 2008

That’s a given. Just didn’t bother pursuing, I should have. As far as the signage,that’s ok it’s there clearly on the “Best Restaurants” award photo.

31 08 2008

You’re absolutely right about The Purplechickens. They really are “criminally underrated.” So, underrated, in fact, that they are still an afterthought even on the local indie scene.

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